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The Lawson-Creative team

A family owned and operated business in Denver, PA with a focus on detail that’s distinctly different.

We are a family of 6.  Amy Lawson (the owner), her husband Mike and our four daughters: Jordan, Madison, Eden, Bailey and Mitch.  Amy and Mike have been working together for 30 years creating, remodeling, renovating and employing our dedication to refined detail in the most economic fashion.  When required, we also have an extensive selection of family member subcontractors who help us with everything from concrete to roofing, excavation and whatever else is required.  

We consider ourselves to be a General Contractor that can scale it’s business to meet the demands of our customers.  Low overhead so that we can remain economical to all customers but with the ability to grow rapidly in order to achieve the necessary manpower requirements for large projects.

Visit our friends over at JT Masonry if you get a chance - they do things with concrete, stone and stucco that will stun you: