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Full Remodeling - Residential

Finally getting around to updating the old home you still love?  Wishing you could “make it new” and still hold on to the warmth of “old familiar”?  Call us - we know exactly how you feel and we can help.

Our Services

Full Remodeling - Commercial

Our experience with this spans decades.  Steel stud, VCT, drop or hard ceilings, cash wraps or service counters - we speak your language.  We do most (if not all) of the work ourselves so meeting your timeline is never a problem.

Property Updates & Upgrades

Labor rates ranging from $20-$40/hr depending upon the service.  This can be quoted pricing or based on Time & Material (T&M)

Doors, cabinets, hardware, baseboards and wall treatments - they all conspire to keep your property looking just the way it  always has!! You will be stunned when you find out just how much we can update your look and for how reasonably priced it will be.  We have a flat fee for many of the items that will blow you away when you consider how little you paid for such a major (looking) change.  As always, we’ll clean up everything when we’re done and make sure you love the work before we leave.

Additions, Expansion & Conversion

Residential & Commercial

Imagine what your basement, attic, garage, tool shed, unused closet , or any other under-used space at your property COULD be with a little help.  We have added offices, created game rooms, expanded garages and converted closets into powder rooms countless times.   Your imagination is all it takes to start making your vision come true; it’s our mission.

Professional General Repair Services

Labor rates ranging from $20-$40/hr depending upon the service.  This can be quoted pricing or based on Time & Material (T&M)

Sometimes you find yourself ignoring things around the property; you know - things you always meant to get around to…  Well, who can blame you when you are so busy?  We can take care of them for you - quickly, on your time schedule and usually very inexpensively.  We have been doing it for years and we’re pretty good at it.  We enjoy a full 90% repeat business rate with our customers and we think you’ll understand why when you see our work.  Of course, we’ll even clean before we leave.